This week I joined over 1,200 suppliers and colleagues in Harrogate for the annual IGD Asda Trade Briefing. It’s our largest supplier event and one where our Executive Team set out the priorities for the year ahead. There was a whole host of speakers on the day, including our CEO, Andy Clarke and Chief Marketing Officer, Stephen Smith. In addition it was great to hear our Chief Merchandising Officer for Food, Barry Williams, speaking at length about the Sustain & Save Exchange – he described it as an exemplar initiative, one that really shows the power of collaboration and creating shared value between us and our suppliers. But perhaps the biggest news was the announcement that he expects every one of our suppliers to be a member of the Exchange in a year’s time. That’s a grand ambition, but one I’m more than happy to work towards!

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Posted by Julian on 11 March 2013

Have you spotted that Asda doesn’t have a renewable energy target in our sustainability strategy? Well actually that’s not entirely true – we don’t (yet) have a public renewable energy target but since 2010 we have been working against internal goals.

The key is ‘yet’ – on the 15th April Walmart’s leadership will announce a new series of energy goals to include a new global renewable energy target. On the day you can watch it live here.

So that’s Monday 15th April at 4pm GMT. How’s that as a way for me to celebrate a recent birthday (won’t tell you how old I will be though!)…

Posted by Julian on 20 March 2013