Spice up your meal tonight with one of our new Mexican meals in store Monday.

We have a range of tasty ready meals to serve one or two people, from smoky flavours to fiery hot there is something for everyone!


Meals include:

Chicken Chimichanga – Did you know the word chimichanga is Spanish for thingamajig!? Ours are crisp tortilla parcels with a spicy tomato and chilli chicken filling with a side of herby rice and red kidney beans- great with a dollop of sour cream and Guacamole.

Classic chilli and rice – rich and spicy beef chilli with red kidney beans and a hint of smoky chipotle chilli served with fluffy long grain rice.

Fiery Mexican chicken – Marinated chicken breast in a fiery pepper sauce, with spicy rice and red kidney beans. Did you know red chillies are 2-3 times hotter than green chillies and there are lots of red chillies in this dish!

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Posted by Sarah on 07 September 2012
Aisle Spy Chilled Food

Our Chef Michael Gibson has been working closely with Leiths School of Food and Wine to improve our recipes and create new and exciting dishes. Leiths has trained many of the UK’s top food professionals and now, thanks to our unique partnership with the renowned cookery school, we can bring the finest quality Extra Special ready meals. Whether it’s a special occasion or you fancy a treat, the range is sure to deliver the perfect culinary experience.

Michael’s personal favourites are:

Beef Bourguignon: British beef cheeks, hand diced and slow cooked sous vide in an intense Bordeaux red wine sauce enriched with closed cup mushrooms, a scattering of chopped baby shallots and smoked, dry cured bacon lardons.

King prawn linguini: Authentic Italian free range egg pasta in an exquisite shellfish and lobster bisque sauce prepared with crème fraiche, butter and a touch of brandy, finished with succulent king prawns and dill infused courgettes.

Duck confit with plum soy sauce: British duck legs prepared with a rub of sea salt and herbs, then slow cooked sous vide for succulence and flavour, presented in an intense plum and soy sauce with a dash of red wine, soy sauce and molasses.

All are in store now!

Posted in Aisle Spy Chilled Food on 18 September 2012

Fed up with Spaghetti Bolognese and fancy adding a little yee-ha to pasta? Well check out our NEW! New York Sauces which are now available in the chilled aisle.

Our All American favourites include:

Hot Pepperoni Sauce – Kick up the heat with our pepperoni, red pepper and tomato chilli sauce. Like a little spice on your pasta, pizza or grilled meat? You got it!

Cajun Chicken Sauce – Spice things up, Cajun style, with tasty chicken and red pepper in a tomato sauce with smoked paprika and chipotle chilli. Stir into pasta or add to jacket potatoes and say howdy to a great tasting meal!

Creamy Chicken Alfredo Sauce – A super creamy, super tasty sauce with roast chicken, Cheddar, white wine and black pepper. Just pour over pasta or Portobello mushrooms and you’re good to go!

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Posted by Sarah on 28 September 2012