Hi Everyone, sorry not been blogging as much recently been very busy in the world of all things dairy but back now with something a bit cheeky…and lots more news to share with you over the coming weeks.

Last week, we launched the first chilled chocolate spread available in the UK which is proving music to the ears of many women (and men) across the country.

Asda's new chocolate spread The spread is a velvety smooth, dairy spread made with real Belgian chocolate and because it’s dairy based, it’s lower fat, has fewer calories and with no artificial colours or additives it’s perfect for women who want to watch their figure.

We developed this spread to help image-conscious women who like to indulge in a real chocolate treat but don’t want to pile on the pounds

The dairy-based spread goes perfectly with the more traditional toast, pancakes and donuts without compromising on flavour, or dollop a spoonful on some on strawberries for a yummy treat

Posted by Dawn on 09 July 2010

The winning cheese - Summer Stilton by Wendy Day Well finally I can share the full story of the winning cheese – this has been in store for two weeks now and is selling well. ‘Summer Stilton’ is based on the idea suggested by one of our customers, Wendy Day from Bristol…and is White Stilton with white chocolate, orange, peach and vanilla pod.

It’s been great being involved with this competition, the shortlisting and final judging and Tricia in my team and I also actually got involved in making the Summer Stilton.

Back in May we did the shortlisting after we had received all of the entries – Eddie the cheesemaker brought all of the ingredients and the cheese bases suggested in the entries so we could mock up the concepts and see if the flavours worked together, considered if they would work in a factory, looked at the thought that had been put into the suggestions from the customers etc.

We then voted on the 6 concepts we felt delivered the best and these were then made up into cheese rounds and went forward for the final judging panel, where we had an independent judge to make the final decision.

Here’s a few photos that show how we got from choosing the winning cheese to the final product. (Click on the first photo below and then click again to browse the gallery).

Posted by Dawn on 24 July 2010

Great Yorkshire show What a fantastic day for the Core Chilled team at Asda today – yet again we have won the retailer class at the Great Yorkshire Show in the Cheese and Dairy Class.

This is the 2nd year we have won this much fought after title – beating the likes of Waitrose and M&S into 2nd and 3rd place…as you can see we were over the moon to receive this accolade again.

Asda's winning team We got First for our Extra Special Somerset Farmhouse Butter, Extra Special Lemon Curd Yoghurt (my all time favourite) and also for Asda Deli Red Leicester. We came Second with our Extra Special Chantilly Cream, Extra Special Creamy Lancashire, Extra Special Gouda and Extra Special Roquefort and Third for our Extra Special Reserve Swiss Gruyere.

Basket of award-winners It’s Nantwich International Cheese Show at the end of July so watch this space for more success.

I am really proud of my team who have worked really hard to develop, maintain and manage the products we submitted! Well done Divas!

Award Winning Wishes To You All and keep blogging!

Dairy Dawn

Posted by Dawn on 13 July 2010