Did you know that 2 of the 3 official Olympic wines were Fairtrade?

Did you know that the first ever Fairtrade Certified Wine product was Thandi Pinot Noir, imported in the UK in January 2004?

And did you know that given a choice, 43% of customers would choose to buy a Fairtrade certified wine than a wine without certifications?

Fairtrade is not only big business, its great business too, and the wine team at Asda play a part in that!

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Posted by Georgina on 03 December 2012

I hope all your plans and preparations for Christmas are going well. Here in the Wine team at Asda we understand how stressful getting ready for the big day can be, so we thought we would try to take some of the pressure away, by giving you our top wine recommendations for the festive period.

This week is our top drink for Christmas Eve. Our very own Master of Wine Philippa Carr says that Christmas Eve for her is always spent with a glass of Wine Selection Asti Spumante, watching It’s a Wonderful Life and wrapping Christmas presents. This sounds pretty good to me, why not try it for yourself at just £5.08?

Take a look at our website for all our amazing offers and rollbacks on wine for Christmas.

Posted by Sara on 03 December 2012