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A very exciting new addition to our own-label wine range has just landed in store. Wine in a pouch – available in four delicious varieties: Australian Shiraz and Chardonnay, Italian Garganega/Pinot Grigio and USA White Zinfandel Rose.

80% lower carbon footprint than glass bottles so they are much more environmentally friendly!

Each Pouch holds 1.5 ltr (equivalent of 2 bottles) but the ultra–light innovative design ensures they are easily portable and perfect for all outdoor occasions this summer – festivals, BBQs, picnics, parties…

They are creating a real buzz, so check them out in store. They’re just £9 each.

Where are you going to enjoy yours?

Posted in Aisle Spy Philippa’s Wine Blog on 06 June 2012

As you know our exclusive English wine has been travelling the world. I have some more photos that have been sent from Australia:

Including the wine and some kangaroos…

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Posted by Katie on 14 June 2012

The South American buyer Jo and selectors (myself and Philippa) have just been out to Chile to source some new wines and create new blend for the Asda brand and Extra Special ranges. For me, it has been my most exciting trip to date, so I’m going to share some of my favourite moments. To start I have to tell you about Cono Sur Vineyards.

We arrived late on the evening (in darkness as it is winter over there and cold), having done along day to tasting to be meet by more tasting (lots of Pinot Noirs, my fav) that went well into the evening. The team then had an early night to prepare for our bicycle ride around the vineyard in the morning – yes you read this correctly. All the workers use bicycles to get around as the vineyard is run biodynamically (in harmony with the earth and moon). Here are some of our photos:

Jo, Philippa and I ready to go.

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Posted by Katie on 25 June 2012

The team spent 3 days in Argentina and 5 days in Chile, seeing as many of our producers and potential new producers as possible.

We tasted approximately 500 wines in total and toured several vineyards. It was very hard work but thoroughly enjoyable. In between travelling and tasting we managed to take some photos:

Here are some photos from the other side of the Andes as we are now in Argentina.

The stunning views of the Andes mountains, early morning:

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Posted by Katie on 25 June 2012