It’s easy to take the everyday things for granted, particularly the things that we are used to accessing in our homes, such as electricity, gas and water. How many times a day do you turn on a tap and expect water to pour out? And, more importantly, what would you do if it didn’t?

Water, may seem like an everyday need that we have in abundance, and after last year’s wet summer we certainly do. But that doesn’t mean it will always be the case, it was only 12 months ago that much of the UK was facing hosepipe bans and water use restrictions.

This only serves to highlight how precious our water is as a resource and why everyone needs to be aware of the need to use it wisely and look after it. Nowhere is water use and water conservation more important than on farms. Water is a vital resource for producing food of all types, from milk to melons and beef to bread.

That’s why we at Asda, in partnership with LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) and Molson Coors, have recently published a new guide to using water carefully on farms.

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Posted by Pearce on 22 January 2013
Chris J

Chris Jones has been closely monitoring the quality of sprout material with all suppliers including Lincolnshire Field Products, to ensure the quality is as good as possible. Despite challenging weather conditions, the quality is strong.

Posted by Chris J on 16 January 2013

The festive period has come to an end, and I think you’ll all agree December was an expensive month! As we enter January, we’re all pretty strapped for cash, so how better to start the new year with some amazing deals on your favourite wines and beers…


We’ve got some great £4 wines for you this month including two Hardy’s classics: rich and full bodied Cabernet Merlot which is perfect with red meats and the classic Chardonnay- great with fish or pasta dishes.

But that’s not all! We’ve also got the fabulous Black Tower Rose at just £4 and Blossom Hill’s lively and refreshing White Zinfandel at £5.

Beer and cider

If Beer and cider is more your thing, then we’ve got some fantastic deals for you too!

4 packs of Heineken, Tiger, Sol, Corona and Cobra are on offer at 2 for £8, and we’ve got a selection of delicious fruit ciders from Kopparbeg, Bulmers, Magners and Rekorderlig, just 3 for £5!

It might be January, but there’s still reason to celebrate!

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Posted by Georgina on 10 January 2013

When I look back on the achievements my team and all of my colleagues working in sustainability across the business have made this year I feel immensely proud. Here’s just a small flavour below…

On products and supply chain, 2012 was the year that we really started to embed sustainability across our suppliers thanks to the strategic vision and support of Barry Williams. We started the year with a pilot and ended with nearly 300 suppliers, amounting for over £12bn of annual sales, on our Sustain & Save Exchange. Using the lens of sustainability to review how products are made is already making these suppliers not only lighter on the environment but also more efficient and closer strategic partners to Asda. We’ve given a Golden Rule – suppliers keep all savings they make from using the Exchange which we also fully fund for them!

Thanks to the guidance of Paul Kelly, in our own operations our latest carbon footprint shows a further 4.3% reduction in carbon emissions since the previous year which totals a whopping 17.7% absolute reduction since 2007. This year’s reductions were driven by colleagues in energy, transport, refrigeration and waste. As these are absolute numbers that means we achieved them in spite of nearly doubling the number of stores we operate – an amazing achievement unrivalled in UK retail.

Posted by Julian on 24 December 2012
Chris J

Chris Jones visited M H Poskitt at Goole, East Yorkshire, on a cold winters morning to capture footage of the processes behind the supply of carrots and parsnips, two staple Christmas vegetables, and to review quality of product destined for ASDA stores over Christmas. The cold conditions helped the harvest of carrots and parsnips and the quality of each were very strong. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy our carrots and parsnips!

Posted by Chris J on 18 December 2012