World Dairy Summit - Global Dairy Agenda for Action, Berlin 24/9/09


The world’s dairy industry has come together to cooperate on climate change. The representative organisations have agreed:

  • to promote methods to assess the carbon footprint of milk and dairy products
  • to promote the adoption of best practices to advance the establishment of tools to facilitate measurement and monitoring of emissions
  • to promote greater farmer understanding of agricultural emissions and opportunities
  • to reduce GHG on farm to support sharing of information and aligning research efforts

It’s a really commendable effort for a huge global industry to be able to agree to collaborate to address climate change.

Other areas of food and natural resource industries now have a template to assess their approach to climate change.

I gave a retailer view which generated a fair number of questions and a Canadian dairy farmer who was interested in understanding supermarket problems which was novel.

Posted by Chris on 25 September 2009
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