We're working hard to reduce the need for pesticides


Asda, along with many other organisations, places a lot of attention on the use of agrochemicals. We have a requirement that growers are responsible with their use and justify the need for the application. We want growers to look for other control methods and techniques.

Biocontrol methods

As with other crops the South African orchard growers use biocontrol methods such as pheromone traps or disruptors. The traps lure the sexually active pests to a trap. The disruptors keep the pest so confused it is unable to complete the lifecycle.

Physical barriers are also employed. In the orchards the Snout Beetle causes surface damage to the fruit. An affected crop looks like a small drill has been used all over the fruit. This drastically reduces the value of the crop. The solution is a plastic wrap covered with sticky glue like substance to form a barrier.

Posted by Chris on 18 December 2009
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