Global Aquaculture Alliance - GOAL 2009 Seattle USA


Just returned from Seattle where the world’s aquaculture (fish and prawn or shrimp) farming sector had gathered to discuss the industry and the challenges it faces. Just some facts: we farm more fish than we catch, roughly half of fish sales are from farmed species and the trends for production and sales are upwards. However, the industry has, and is, facing into the sustainability of the present position and the likely future situation.

The most pressing issue is that of what we feed fish and prawns on. Increasingly, vegetable sources such as soya and its derivatives are being used. Also c. a fifth of fish meal is generated from trimmings etc from fish destined for human consumption. Some species such as Tilapia are herbivorous and not reliant on fish feed.

These are issues which we must find solutions for. One option is to use rendered by products from livestock as sources for fish nutrients. While not presently popular, as demand for sea food continues to rise may be this and its like will have to be re evaluated.

ASDA was the first European business to provide Best Aquaculture Practice assured prawns. It is crucial that the aquaculture sector has standards, independently inspected, throughout the supply chain. The BAP logo will be increasingly seen on seafood products and if you are interested in this area there will more labelled products on ASDA’s shelves.

Posted by Chris on 03 November 2009
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