Now you can watch as our chickens come home to roost!

Asda has always tried to be straightforward and respond as we feel rather than looking for easy approval.

We have an open-door policy and aren’t afraid of people looking into how we run our business, so when we were asked whether we’d put a webcam in one of our chicken farms we took up the challenge. You can see the webcam on Your Asda.

Chicken webchat screengrab

Supermarkets are often lobbied by special interest groups on their particular cause. Many times the organisations have specialist understanding and knowledge that helps guide our business practice. Sometimes the compromises or situation make it difficult to fully deliver the changes sought and we always have to be mindful that our customers may have a very different perspective.

In early 2009 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall broadcast his Chicken Out series looking at chicken production. Our position was that we would give our customers the choice. Hence we have a range of free range chicken for those who wish to buy it as well as standard production chicken.

We hope this webcam helps people see for themselves that the standard chickens we sell in our stores are well cared for. It is a small but important step forward that we hope will enable them to make their own informed choice as to which product they want to buy.

Posted by Chris on 13 May 2010
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