The sought after British turkey remains at the top of the perch

The Great British Turkey continues to be sought after in our stores and our fresh whole birds – all of which are British – will land on shelves tomorrow. This year we’re selling standard, Extra Special free range Norfolk Bronze and organic birds and are on track to sell a record number of British turkeys this Christmas, 26% more than last year.

The standard birds have the red tractor and British Quality Turkey mark and the Extra Special free range are RSPCA Freedom Foods inspected.

While some people are having a go at us for selling a small volume of frozen turkey crowns that aren’t from the UK, this represents just 2% of our total turkey sales this Christmas and all are clearly labelled with the country of origin. The vast majority of what we’re selling – fresh and frozen – are from British farms and we will sell more than 750,000 British birds this Christmas, more than almost any other retailer and way more than many who sell 100% British. That said, we’ve already placed our order for next year’s Christmas dinner and will be selling 100% British turkeys across both our fresh and frozen ranges.

Posted by Chris on 17 December 2009
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