It’s been another amazing day in Memphis and we’ve so much to tell you all – or should that be “Y’all”?

Today has been an opportunity for the chefs to practice and get used to the techniques and equipment we are using over here. Judging in the beef, seafood and exotic classes starts tomorrow, so the guys have been perfecting these products so that when it comes to ‘turning in’ our entry it is as good as it can be. We have then been around some of our fellow competitors and getting some feedback and to be honest they are telling us we are doing some amazing food.

The competitors out here have been amazingly friendly and incredibly helpful. They are so excited to see a British team that when word got round that we are here, we had a VIP group of 17 competition judges contact us to see what we are doing on our stand. We gave them a presentation and let them taste some our lamb and rib-eye beef which they told us was one of their highlights of their day!

Our team is starting with chefs Mark, Dermott, Andy and Santiago. Our butcher is Andy and then supporting these guys is myself, Jon, Kristian, Elaine and Katherine.

We hope you are enjoying our blog and we will post some more tomorrow.

Posted by Richard on 17 May 2012

Hi, I’m Richard from the Asda Butchers Selection team and we’re here in Memphis, Tennessee to get ready for The World BBQ championships.

We’re entering four classes in this competition; pork rack of ribs (just like the Asda Butchers Selection Sweet BBQ Rib Rack on sale in store now), British beer basted rib-eye beef steaks, mint marinated lamb shoulder and a lobster dog!

The weather is amazingly hot! Apparently for the last eight years the competition has been swamped with mud due to a combination of the rain and the event being held on the banks of the Mississippi river in the Tom Lee park.

We’ll be sending regular blogs and hope you can share with us the experience of competing alongside some of the best BBQ’ers in the world.

Posted by Richard on 16 May 2012

New Zealand Lamb Asda’s Butchers Selection lamb range now includes New Zealand lamb… but what makes lamb from New Zealand so special?

New Zealand’s lambs are raised in free-range open fields all year round, and live on a natural diet of fresh green grass, virtually eliminating the need for grain feeding or additional nutritional supplements. A temperate climate also assists in rearing lambs, meaning animals do not need to be housed indoors. Animal welfare standards in New Zealand are exceptionally high, being enforced by both legislation and the demanding criteria set by the Asda quality team.

NZ LambThe New Zealand farming industry enjoys a number of unique advantages, including a 130 year supply history to the United Kingdom.

Its geographic isolation has also ensured that its flock has remained disease-free, which coupled with strict biosecurity controls, means that farmers are producing safe, healthy, sustainable products for consumers all over the world.

As a result of being pasture-fed and naturally raised outdoors, our Butchers Selection New Zealand lamb is tender, flavoursome, and succulent.

But don’t just take our word for it… try some yourself!

For further information on the preparation and cooking of New Zealand lamb, together with a range of exciting recipes for all occasions, go to

Posted by Charlie on 16 May 2012

We’re so proud of our Butcher’s Selection range; we’re working with our butchers to expand the range. From this week you’ll find our sausage range in Butcher’s Selection!

We’ve worked with our butchers to truly make the recipes The Butcher’s Selection. All our Butcher’s Selection sausages are now at least 72% meat content.

Our butchers have helped us improve all our existing sausage recipes and introduce new sausages into the range including our new gluten free pork sausage, hot and spicy ones, jumbo pork sausages, pork chipolatas and pork and tomato.

Posted by Charlie on 19 April 2012

You might have noticed your in store fresh meat counter has changed recently. Some of our counters have been changed to Butchers Selection.

Watch the team work on the new counter in ASDA Hamilton.

Following the overnight conversion, the colleagues are trained about their new Butchers Selection range, and shown around their new counter by Jim, one of Asda’s in-store trainers.

Posted by Charlie on 02 April 2012