First day of judging at the World BBQ Championships

What an adrenaline filled day we have had so far in Memphis. Today has been the first day of judging for us and we had 3 dishes to get out within half an hour of each other; lobster dog, chimichurri lamb shoulder and the amazing rib-eye basted in a beer glaze.

The team have worked together brilliantly today and in the end we were really proud of what we sent for judging. At the time of writing this blog we have no idea what the judges thought so we will get back soon and let you know.

Hopefully in the video you can see it was like working in a top world restaurant with the stress and care taken by our chefs – not only to deliver fantastically tasty food but also to get the presentation perfect. To be frank, the fast food style presentation using the white cardboard boxes which the competition requires really doesn’t justify how good these dishes actually looked and tasted.

After the walk to the judges tent it was a welcome break to relax after such a hot day and we also bumped in to former World BBQ champion, Jim Bolan.

Posted by Richard on 18 May 2012
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