Asda Butchers Selection team at The World BBQ Championships

Hi, I’m Richard from the Asda Butchers Selection team and we’re here in Memphis, Tennessee to get ready for The World BBQ championships.

We’re entering four classes in this competition; pork rack of ribs (just like the Asda Butchers Selection Sweet BBQ Rib Rack on sale in store now), British beer basted rib-eye beef steaks, mint marinated lamb shoulder and a lobster dog!

The weather is amazingly hot! Apparently for the last eight years the competition has been swamped with mud due to a combination of the rain and the event being held on the banks of the Mississippi river in the Tom Lee park.

We’ll be sending regular blogs and hope you can share with us the experience of competing alongside some of the best BBQ’ers in the world.

Posted by Richard on 16 May 2012
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