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I’m pleased to announce that George have recently joined the British Quality Foundation.

This is a natural progression for George following the award of ISO 9001 and our short listing for a BQF award in 2010.

We are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to improve our Quality and Membership of the BQF will enable George to work with and network liked minded organisation and people. We will be looking at how other industries approach Quality and integrate their supply chain and additionally share our experiences of managing Quality in the fast moving environment of the fashion world.

To find out more please read the attached article on George that the BQF run in their monthly magazine or go to

Posted by Paul W on 03 September 2012
Paul W

George has just been awarded the International Quality Management standard ISO 9001 and we believe that we are the first major clothing retailer in the UK to achieve this prestigious International standard.

This is a fantastic testament to the Quality processes developed over the years to ensure George deliver quality products.

To obtain the standard it involved a series of intensive external audits over a 5 day period which looked at how we design and develop our product, manage our supply base and offer quality assurance to the customer.

We will be continually audited each year to ensure that we maintain these standards and retain the status.

What does it mean to the customer? Well the emphasis is on complete customer satisfaction and the process of continual improvement. So we must continue to raise our standards over the coming years.

This also means that we must listen to our customer’s needs and always strive to offer excellent Quality, Style and Value

Along with the 100 day satisfaction guarantee this shows that George is totally committed to quality.

Posted by Paul W on 23 March 2012
Paul W

At George we are continually looking at new ways to improve the quality of our clothing and footwear to overcome those every day frustrations that you as customers can experience from time to time.

Be it buttons falling off or hems dropping down! I will show you in my video blog the extraordinary lengths we have gone too, ensuring that these problems don’t happen on George product – but we can always do more.

So, I would like you to Challenge George – what annoys you the most when wearing clothing?

Leave your comments below and we will do our utmost to fix your frustration and hopefully share our progress on future video blogs.

Posted by Paul W on 21 June 2011
Paul W

Last week we visited some of the factories we source from in Bangladesh with Jen Creevy from Retail Week. We wanted to share with her – and you – all of the great work we have been doing behind the scenes to help workers abroad and show how proud we are that we can say that our customers can shop with a clear conscience.

Lots of people think, and say, we must have low ethical standards because of our low prices. That’s a myth we want to shatter. If you want to know how we do it, we’ve pulled it all into one place – you can download our report called ‘Doing the Right Thing’ here as a PDF. We always want to show we are doing the right thing.

We showed Jen how we have implemented a programme called Lean manufacturing in four factories. The Lean trial has increased productivity, workers’ wages and improved quality and we wanted to share the news that because that was so successful we are rolling Lean out to 17 more factories that account for $150m in exports to George and will impact thousands of workers within our supply chain. If you want to read Jen’s report in Retail Week, here’s the link.

Two years ago, we also funded a new school in Ashulia, just outside Dhaka. The school has 182 pupils and if you want to see how well behaved they were when we visited then take a look at the video above.

Posted by Paul W on 08 April 2011
Paul W

Following our success in winning the 2009 RSPCA Good business award, George have been short listed for three awards for Quality and Sustainability this year.

We made the final again for the 2010 RSPCA Good business award for a Large Fashion Company. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but congratulations to New Look for winning the award this year. However, we did receive a highly commended. This only makes us more determined to come back stronger next year.

WGSN – Global Fashion Awards – Most Sustainable Brand or Retailer. Held in New York in November this is fantastic recognition of the work we have undertaken in reducing our transit packaging, zero clothing waste from store and several overseas projects.

On the back of the launch of our 100 day guarantee we have been shortlisted for our third final. The British Quality Foundation – Achievement awards for Customer satisfaction.

We are up against Microsoft and Westfield Contributory Health Scheme. So some tough opposition, but we have our fingers crossed that our hard work will pay off.

The George quality team has focused their efforts on garment durability and we continue to see record low returns from our customers.

Take a look at our video which illustrates one of the wash tests we ask our suppliers to conduct.

If you want to know more about these awards you can access via the links below.

RSPCA Good Business Awards

British Quality Foundation Awards

Global Fashion Awards

Posted by Paul W on 15 October 2010