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George win 3rd RSPCA award

I’m pleased to announce that George at Asda have won the RSPCA award for a large fashion company for a third time.

Being part of one of the largest retail company’s in the world, it is important to us that we are not only fully committed in maintaining our ethical and welfare standards towards animals and animal product, but we also police these policies and ensure that we work to them no matter where in the world we are buying from. George is fully committed in offering great value product to our customers, without compromising on our standards and beliefs. Any animal product that we use must be fully sustainable and tractable to us or we will not allow it to be used in our products. We want to be able to trade with confidence in the knowledge we are doing the right thing.

Well done to the George Quality Team followed up by a great article in the Telegraph.

Posted by Paul W on 02 November 2012
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