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We launched our first George Supplier Academy course 18 months ago covering Final Quality Inspection. Our purpose was to partner and empower our supply base by:

  • Delivering high quality training within our supply chain.
  • Focusing on the people that actually do the job. Not Senior managers.
  • Developing one way of working “The George Way” across the Globe for all our training modules.
  • Removing unnecessary cost, waste and time from of our supply chain.

By doing all of the above we have started to move away from a traditional tell and do approach to Quality, known in the industry as Quality Control moving to Quality Assurance which ensures everyone is focused on the same set of principles and goals.

To date we have trained 475 candidates with a 76% successful pass rate. This covers nearly a third of our production sites across Turkey, Sri Lanka, India, Italy, Bangladesh and China.

We have seen a huge improvement in our Quality performance and this has given us the confidence to launch a Fabric Inspection module and we have several more courses in the pipeline across George and Asda Home and Leisure.

We have set ourselves the target of training 15000 colleagues around the world by 2015.
It’s so rewarding when you see this in action and meeting the likes of Suresh and Manik.

Posted by Paul W on 05 September 2013
Paul W

I had a fantastic day at the Asda Food Suppliers Technical conference. It’s always interesting to see how other industries manage Quality and to understand the challenges they face in terms of regulation and delivering the Quality/Value equation which I talked about in one of my recent blogs.

There was a truly inspirational talk from British Paralympian Derek Ana Derenalagi and I also had the opportunity to share with our food suppliers some of the industry leading initiatives that we are working on at George.

And never one to miss an opportunity to demonstrate the great quality we have at George we gave away goody bags to delegates that included our famous men’s and ladies black sock.

Pardon the pun its fair to say that the socks went like hot cakes (At a food conference).

We have done a lot of quality benchmarking against our competitors and we believe that we have one of the best black socks in the market. I asked all the delegates to give me feedback on my blog.

1. So did we delight you with our quality?
2. How do our socks compare to other retailers on quality and price?
3. And have we converted you to a George customer.

If you were one of the unlucky one’s that missed out our socks are available at and in most Asda stores.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Posted by Paul W on 16 November 2012
Paul W

We recently took Doug Miller, Emeritus Professor in Worker Rights in Fashion (Northumbria University), to see some of the factories we work with in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and show him the work we’re doing on our Lean manufacturing programme.

As part of our commitment to doing the right thing, we’re engaging suppliers and pioneering the concept of the Standard Minute Value. This will help establish the true open cost of manufacturing a garment which is fundamental in our approach to ensuring workers earn a fairer wage.

Together with Doug, we are keen to explore how standard minute values can be used to develop a sustainable labour costing approach which we think has the potential to be industry-leading.

In 2011, Jen Creevy from Retail Week joined the team in Bangladesh as we launched our Doing the Right Thing document. Since then, we have made some really important and exciting developments in our projects – we have taken steps to further look after the interests of the people who make our clothes, and helping our suppliers to increase clothing quality and productivity in the supply chain.

To read more about the work we’re doing with the George supply chain, read our Doing the Right Thing update here.

Posted by Paul W on 14 November 2012
Paul W

I’m pleased to announce that George at Asda have won the RSPCA award for a large fashion company for a third time.

Being part of one of the largest retail company’s in the world, it is important to us that we are not only fully committed in maintaining our ethical and welfare standards towards animals and animal product, but we also police these policies and ensure that we work to them no matter where in the world we are buying from. George is fully committed in offering great value product to our customers, without compromising on our standards and beliefs. Any animal product that we use must be fully sustainable and tractable to us or we will not allow it to be used in our products. We want to be able to trade with confidence in the knowledge we are doing the right thing.

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Posted by Paul W on 02 November 2012
Paul W

Our studies have shown that style changes can take production lines 3 working days to recover back to there normal efficiency and productivity rates. So if a line has to change styles too many times this can have a massive impact on the profitability of a factory.

Take for example our £5 jean. The volumes that we sell at Asda mean that we run our production lines continuously all year round.

Economies of scale and long production runs allow our suppliers to invest in some of the latest technologies in the textile industry and by automating our production lines we can offer our customer consistent quality at great prices.

The supplier benefits because the line efficiency increases, they don’t have to stop the line to change styles and more importantly the skill levels of the operator increase.

Volume production is a fantastic opportunity to unlock unbeatable quality.

Posted by Paul W on 07 September 2012