The secret is out!

Call of Duty Black Ops 2The last couple of weeks have been pretty tortuous for a select few of us here at Asda House as we’ve been keeping a secret…


As always promising to be bigger and better than ever the latest instalment in the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops II, has been announced today. In order to get the product live on our website and in store for Asda customers to pre-order we’ve had to be planning this for a couple of weeks though, and keeping it quiet has been a struggle, particularly for a huge fan of the game like myself! Not bragging to mates about the title or about what we’ve seen in the trailers is never easy as we’re all so excited about what is in store this time around.

But now with the shroud of secrecy lifted we can start to get excited about the return of the gaming juggernaut! In an entirely new setting – a 21st Century Cold War – this promises to be a whole new experience for COD fans. Available to pre-order at Asda Direct our pre-order price guarantee means that if you order with us you are guaranteed to get Asda’s best price for the game or if you prefer you can order in store.

There do remain some big secrets about what this years COD has to offer, and these will be released later in the year as the hype ramps up, but what you can guarantee is the game is going to be all action, amazing multiplayer, and once again set to smash all records in terms of being the biggest entertainment franchise on the planet. As always Asda will be focused on delivering a great customer experience both online and in store, and we’re keen to ensure we keep our customers informed of what we’re planning so keep checking back here for updates.

Posted by Alastair on 02 May 2012
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