The perfect gaming gift for mum

So it would seem at first glance I drew the short straw on this one, a blog about the perfect game for mum. From personal experience that rules out the games I personally prefer – the FIFAs, Formula 1s and CODs of this world, as I can’t say I’ve ever come across my mum online in a team deathmatch.

But after a little thought it struck me. What is the one thing that women (and some men I’m led to believe) have been going crazy for? Zumba!

The dance craze that has swept the nation is also the Wii game that has propped up the ageing formats sales for the most part of 2011, and this Christmas comes the much anticipated follow up Zumba 2 (the creativity in the naming department at 505 is to be commended for that one, what will they think of next???).

The success of the first Zumba genuinely came as a surprise to many in the games industry, including us at Asda, but it has sold in great numbers and the reviews from its players have also been good. The upbeat rhythms and fun dance moves can’t fail to make you smile, and Zumba 2 is more of the same.

If your mum has Zumba’d in her time then she will definitely love this game… the only thing to be careful of is the potential conclusions she’ll draw from the fact you bought her an exercise game for Christmas, but if you carefully negotiate through that minefield then you’re on a sure-fire winner with Zumba!

Posted by Alastair on 12 December 2011
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