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Super Mario 3D Land has arrived for the Nintendo 3DS

Who would have thought that a Plumber with a moustache would be such a gaming legend? Unlike me, Mario would not struggle to grow his tash for Movember, but with my help he will work his way through Nintendo’s latest masterpiece.Mario was made for 3D allowing him to move freely around the beautifully drawn worlds, the new depth and perspective is a joy to behold, with secrets galore to be discovered. The game is a Patchwork quilt of the Mario games heritage.

Bowser has once again taken Princess Peach (this bad guy will NOT give up) and you have to guide Mr Mario through an increasingly difficult series of levels and sub bosses, you know the score! Levels will feel familiar with scenery and creatures from previous versions and some new treats thrown in for fans. If you have played the fantastic Mario Galaxy games on the Wii, you just need to imagine this on 3D and you will understand how good this game is.

Super Mario 3D Land is available from for £29.97 (saving £5) this is worth buying a 3DS machine for now only £134! (Metallic Red 3DS is my personal favourite!)

There is a picture of Mario’s face on the spine of the box – you must buy this game!

Posted in Aisle Spy Games on 18 November 2011
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