Mass Effect 3 - "worth the wait!"

Today sees the release of Mass Effect 3, which should be the biggest gaming release of the quarter, maybe even the first half of 2012.

Mass Effect 3It’s been a game I’ve been waiting for since early last year and I’m certainly not the only one judging by the amount of pre-orders we’ve taken. Also the review scores pretty much across the board say that this game is more than worth the wait, it’s got 10/10 in a lot of the gaming press. It seems EA have another hit on their hands.

The Mass Effect franchise seems to have really grown yet again into this latest release and it’s certainly a title that warrants it’s triple A rating. The addition of the Kinect functionality should be a great one, and for Microsoft it’s a great thing to help Kinect really cross over to the hardcore gamers rather than just be seen as something for party gaming. I just hope my colleagues on the battlefield manage to interpret my Yorkshire accent without too much difficulty!

Mass Effect 3 has certainly caused a lot of hype in the gaming world as the retailer Game is not stocking it, and whilst that’s not something I would care to comment on I do know that we are pushing it all guns blazing both online and in store. It should be huge success based on the pre-orders we’ve seen so hopefully it’s a game our customers love just as much as they have with 1 and 2!

Posted by Alastair on 09 March 2012
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