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Heroes Never Die!- HALO: Combat Evolved Anniversary on XBOX 360

There are moments in life that are so joyful they can even make a grown man cry. I first experienced this on the 15th November 2001 when I turned on my Xbox (not the 360) and started to play a game called HALO: Combat Evolved. This game eventually sold more than 40 million copies and set the standard for ‘first-person shooters’.

Halo Anniversary

You play the Master Chief (or John-117 to his friends), a 7ft cybernetically-enhanced super-soldier that can run faster, jump higher and melee harder than your average ‘space-marine’.

This is extremely useful as the year is 2552 and the human race is on the verge of extinction after fighting a 27 year war with an alien race called The Covenant – Bad Times!

Unfortunately, you’re one of the only Spartans left and it’s your job to save the day (no pressure!). You therefore do battle in a beautifully crafted world with a truly engaging storyline, award-winning soundtrack and take control of perhaps the greatest lead character ever invented.

As you can imagine, this left quite an impression and consequently forced me to tell everybody I knew about it. So……

IT’S BACK!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Today, Microsoft has released HALO: Combat Evolved Anniversary on XBOX 360. Although Bungie aren’t the studio behind this new effort, 343 Industries have stepped up to the plate and delivered a spectacular re-mastering of the very first Halo game.

The gameplay is 100% faithful to the original with a few little extras added in for good measure, including; new graphics in HD & 3D, 6 new re-imagined classic multiplayer maps , brand new Firefight mission, Kinect integration and the addition of ‘skulls’ to boost your multiplayer experience. As a cute added bonus, a cheeky press of the ‘back’ button lets you play the game as it was originally created on the first Xbox – what a lovely nostalgic touch!

I was initially nervous when I found out that HALO: Combat Evolved was being re-mastered, as I feared the consequences of a developer getting carried away with tweaks and changes. Luckily, this is definitely not the case, rather they have taken the original game and simply turned it all the way up to 11. This made me very happy indeed! In the same way that Star Wars did when it came out on Blu-ray – same film but a whole new beautiful experience!!

I would urge all of you who enjoyed the original Halo, enjoy first person shooters and especially those of you who missed the original to purchase this game now on for a fantastic £29.97.

PS. I’m a bit worried that some people may not have seen Star Wars so I just thought I’d mention that you can get this on blu-ray at www.ASDA.COM

Posted in Aisle Spy Games on 15 November 2011
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