Check out our top gaming gifts for younger children

Pester power is on us and as parents it is time to show our knowledge and buy our children the perfect gifts. We need to remember that the expensive electronic diary or plastic lightsaber that we buy them will be used, broken and discarded within the day but a good computer game can occupy for hours!

I have four recommendations that will do the job in hand.

Skylanders (Multi Format)

This is a great concept, a game that is enhanced by collectable figures. Your loved ones will use their portal of power to bring their vast array of creatures to life on the screen and use them to battle through the numerous levels.

You can even save your stats to your figures and take them round to your friend’s house and show off!

Moshi Monsters (DS)

The must-have licence of 2011. All parents will have heard of Moshi Monsters, the collectable cards, the subscription, the numerous toys… and now the DS game.

Your children will be searching for Moshlings and adding them to their Moshling zoo. This sounds weird but over 50 million people worldwide cannot be wrong. Your children will want this game!

Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

All the classic courses and 16 new ones – customise your Karts, glide through the air and dive under water, there is so much to love about this game.

You can battle with your friends locally or online, and believe me as a parent even I want to play this!

Disneyland Adventures (360 Kinect)

“Can we go to Disneyland?”
“Can we go to Disneyland?”
“Can we go to Disneyland?”
“No… hold on. Yes, you can!”

Using the fantastic Kinect attachment for your 360 you can explore the Disneyland Park. The joy on your children’s faces as they engage in quests and interact with the attractions is one to capture on your Christmas snaps.

Oh and another thing – this is cheaper than Paris or America!

Posted by Greg on 12 December 2011
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