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Run to the hills!

EA are back again with another Need for Speed game on more platforms than you can shake a big stick at but what’s so different about this new version of The Run… Let’s have a closer look.

You play the role of Jack Rouke (no relation to Mickey) and apparently you owe a couple of shekels to the mob so they don’t like you very much and neither does any one else apparently – nice!

You have been embroiled in an illicit coast to coast race all the way across America from San Francisco to New York to earn the cash to pay back the mob, there are no rules, no speed limits and no allies, its dog eat dog and if you don’t win the mob will get you. I’m terrified already!

There’s 3000 miles of road to cover on your epic journey through dense city streets, icy mountain passes narrow canyons to test your driving skills to the limit and keep tabs on all your friends times through each section too to add that little bit more competition to the game.

True to the Need For Speed franchise you have lots of really cool cars in the game (68 hot rods to be precise) that you can customise as you like from your Aston Martins to your Lamborghinis to your Ford Focus??… anyway it has my favourite Pagini Zonda in it so I’m happy.

For all you geeks out there too, Black Box the team who put this together for EA used the Frostbite 2 engine (Battlefield 3) so the eye candy factor is lovely in this game.

There are also a multitude of online racing options to pit your wits against your friends. You can jump straight into the action instead of hanging around in a lobby for the next race to start like other racing games. Create a playlist with friends of all your favourite challenges to see who really is top dowg – and if you master all the playlists you can even earn exclusive cars, upgrade and abilities to make the game even better, now come on… How much more do you want?

Race you way over to an Asda store now, but don’t break the speed limit! Or a much safer way would be to get it online now from from as little £27.

Posted in Aisle Spy Games on 21 November 2011
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