Paul D

Tough seasons for our fruit and veg suppliers

Last winter was the harshest winter in 75 years. Spring brought the driest March for 50 years and parts of the UK suffered the driest April since records began. For the majority of us (barring a little inconvenience) this meant sledging, early BBQs and freckles on the kids before Easter!

However for many of the farmers who supply us Fruit and Veg it’s been a nightmare. Our Technical Manager Stephen Grey went to see John and Ben at Lincolnshire Field Products (LFP) who grow cauliflowers, sprouts and broccoli. Those crops that did survive the winter are not growing too well. Those being planted now are similarly struggling to grow.

With whole fields being decimated and imported products brought in, Ben explains the techniques he’s having to employ for the second time to get moisture into these parched fields to enable us to bring you the British vegetables you always tell us you want to buy.

Posted by Paul D on 01 June 2011
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