Paul D

The office goes crackers for sweet British sweetcorn....eaten raw!

BBQ’d, steamed, tinned, boiled….there’s lots of ways to enjoy sweetcorn, but what about raw?!

Our sweetcorn buyer Rich has been banging on about how nice it is, so when we got the first crates of UK sweetcorn into the office we gave it a go….and he was right! So right in fact we thought we’d share the experience and walked the floors dishing the raw cobs out for colleagues to try.

They loved it! Lots of talk of “my grandad used to eat it raw”, “I grow sweetcorn and often do this”, “are you joking!”, “that’s awesome!”.

Here’s our packaging man Simon giving it a go….why don’t you try some fresh, sweet, RAW British sweetcorn? Delicious, especially when really fresh!


Posted by Paul D on 15 September 2011
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