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Taste testing tomatoes with customers in Manchester


Tomatoes are my favourite part of a salad – there are so many different varieties and during the summer majority are UK grown – so yesterday was a real highlight for me.

We arranged with three of our growers based in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Kent, to taste test all their new variety samples at our Eastland superstore near Manchester.

taste testing

After some frantic chopping and matching sample numbers there were over 40 different varieties all laid out ready for customers to taste and let us know what they thought covering beef, cherry, baby plum and vine tomatoes.

Wendy, who runs the development centre at Eastlands, also cooked some fantastic tomato based recipes (the tart was especially nice!) for customers to try.

Trade was brisk all day with lot of people flooding in to let us know what they thought of the varieties. Many customers who grow tomatoes at home had loads of questions for our expert growers and many didn’t realise that so much of ASDA tomato range was grown just an hour down the road.

Taste testing

While customers tasted the tomatoes they completed a short feedback form so we can capture which were the best varieties and the plan is to launch this next year. I even got chance to taste a few of the tomatoes and take the best ones home – some very exciting developments on beef tomatoes and baby plum to come. Watch this space tomato lovers!

Posted in Aisle Spy Fruit & Veg on 27 May 2011
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