Paul D

I love this time of year – Halloween (then Bonfire Night) really makes you feel like a kid again. But for our pumpkin farmers it must be a bit different.

Imagine you grow carving pumpkins for a living and spend 50 weeks of the year building up to this one event! What if you get to October and all your crop is a funny shape, or they don’t turn orange in time!

However, on Mark’s farm in Kent all was going well a couple of weeks ago when we visited. There were a few green ones, but fear not……… he has a plan.

Happy Halloween!

Posted by Paul D on 12 October 2011
Chris J

Last week Chris Jones, our Technical Manager responsible for the quality of alliums, visited members of the Bedfordshire Growers group, in conjunction with QV Foods, to review crops of onions and echalion shallots destined for ASDA.

The quality of the Extra Special echalion shallots grown by F B Parish looked fantastic internally and externally, as did other crops of brown onions and red onions grown by the Finlay family. If there are any questions, please let us know.

Posted by Chris J on 22 September 2011
Paul D

Simon is responsible for checking the quality of your fruit and veg at one of our depots, and is here to talk you through our fruit and veg’s journey through the depot.

Our depots receive the produce from our suppliers and if it passes several quality checks the load is then divided out across our stores (based upon what they can sell), placed in a bay where all the fresh food is consolidated and sent to stores. If it doesn’t pass our quality checks, we won’t accept the delivery.

Posted by Paul D on 22 September 2011
Paul D

Working with fruit and veg, sourced from all over the world to bring you the best of what is in season is an absolute pleasure. For many crops that means picking a time when the southern hemisphere season is ending and the northern is starting (and vice versa!).

Spanish fruit

Sometimes that switch over covers really iconic fruit & veg, like Spanish Oranges from Valencia! We’re just on that point in time now and it’s crucial we get out there and assess the crop to make the right call. Check out these pictures of the fruit that’ll soon be on the shelves.

When they arrive I’m going to persuade Dominic (camera shy!) to show you a technique to maximise the juiceiness of your oranges!

Posted by Paul D on 15 September 2011
Paul D

BBQ’d, steamed, tinned, boiled….there’s lots of ways to enjoy sweetcorn, but what about raw?!

Our sweetcorn buyer Rich has been banging on about how nice it is, so when we got the first crates of UK sweetcorn into the office we gave it a go….and he was right! So right in fact we thought we’d share the experience and walked the floors dishing the raw cobs out for colleagues to try.

They loved it! Lots of talk of “my grandad used to eat it raw”, “I grow sweetcorn and often do this”, “are you joking!”, “that’s awesome!”.

Here’s our packaging man Simon giving it a go….why don’t you try some fresh, sweet, RAW British sweetcorn? Delicious, especially when really fresh!


Posted by Paul D on 15 September 2011