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See for yourself how British Strawberries are grown

We are in the middle of British Summer – I’m sure you’ll agree that strawberries are our most iconic fruit for this time of year. Last week Artur Grochala (Technical Manager on Berries) and Steven Fletcher (QA Inspector in Asda Wakefield Depot) visited one of our main strawberry growers – John Busby who is based in Stafford.

John has been growing strawberries since 1976 and this year we are expecting over 1000 tonnes from his farm which equals to over 2.5 million punnets of strawberries! During the season we visit our growers to ensure the best and consistent quality fruit is available to Asda customers – watch this space for more videos.

Posted in Aisle Spy Fruit & Veg on 15 July 2011
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