Paul D

Giving you the best produce...but not always British

We try to keep things simple, so when fruit and veg is in season in Britain we’ll favour this over imports because we know British is what you want. Right? But with some produce there is a period of time when, although British is available the quality dips to a level that we deem unnacceptible for you.

It’s at that point we import to give you the best quality. So for example for the next 3-6 weeks you’ll see on our shelves carrots and parsnips from France and Spain. Are we right? Tell us what you think.

Anyway, Chris our technical guy flew out to check out this year’s crop and the carrots especially looked great. The level of automation is impressive (I love the machine that picks the carrots out of the ground!), but you’ll also see there’s no replacing the human eye as the production line pick out those not up to spec!

Posted by Paul D on 22 June 2011
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