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At Asda we sell 14 million bananas a week making it one of our most popular products in store and we pride ourselves on our commitment to our banana farmers who produce over 124,000 tonnes of bananas a year for our customers- that’s enough to fill nearly 8000 double decker buses!

Our colleagues work on the ground with local suppliers in countries such as Costa Rica & Columbia to ensure we pick the best quality bananas day in and day out. We are also active members of the World Banana Forum, who we work with to drive a sustainable future for farmers and workers.


We source all our bananas through IPL our international supplier network, who work closely with producers and growers in Central and South America where they are grown.

IPL have a network of technical teams around the world who carry out quality checks, offer training and advice to farmers and growers and ensure our bananas are ethically and sustainably sourced.

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Posted in Aisle Spy Fruit & Veg on 26 February 2014
Chris J

‘Harper Farming’ was awarded the coveted title of ‘Vegetable Grower of the Year’ at the Horticulture Week Grower of the Year awards held at the Lancaster Hotel, London on the 20th March.

Farming 750 acres in Worcestershire, Harper Farming grow and pack a range of summer vegetables including runner beans, salad onions, pak choi and squashes. Harper Farming’s unique joint venture with ASDA’s supplier MWW (Minor Weir and Willis) has enabled them to invest strategically in state of the art farming and packing techniques to ensure that consumers receive high quality British produce in the shortest possible time after harvest.

The photograph shows John Harper (MD of Harper Farming) and Simon Barnett (UK growing manager for MWW) receiving the award from sponsors, New Spitalfield Market and BBC Radio 4 personality Fred Macaulay.

Posted by Chris J on 03 April 2013
Chris J

Chris Jones has been closely monitoring the quality of sprout material with all suppliers including Lincolnshire Field Products, to ensure the quality is as good as possible. Despite challenging weather conditions, the quality is strong.

Posted by Chris J on 16 January 2013
Chris J

Chris Jones visited M H Poskitt at Goole, East Yorkshire, on a cold winters morning to capture footage of the processes behind the supply of carrots and parsnips, two staple Christmas vegetables, and to review quality of product destined for ASDA stores over Christmas. The cold conditions helped the harvest of carrots and parsnips and the quality of each were very strong. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy our carrots and parsnips!

Posted by Chris J on 18 December 2012
Chris J

Chris Jones, Asda Produce Technical manager, visited Fenmarc last week to review washed up samples of potato consignments destined for ASDA customers over the Christmas period and early 2013. The quality of material was strong.

Posted by Chris J on 10 December 2012