Some farming you’d expect in Costa Rica, and some you wouldn’t

Costa Rica is famed for its coffee. This is fiercely protected. There are two varieties of coffee; Arabica and Robusta.

The Costa Rican Government permits the cultivation of Arabica. No Robusta is permitted.

The pictures show the coffee beans on the plant which is very attractive with its bright green leaves.

The ripe (red) beans are harvested and the bean separated from the pulp. These are dried into the green form prior to roasting according to the customer’s preference.

The enthusiasm of Costa Ricans for coffee was very evident. Standing in front of a supermarket display (looking like a confused tourist), I was assisted by several local each with their view on which was the best coffee and hence which I should be buying.

Costa Rica

A long way from home: Driving back from the potato harvest I spotted some animals high on the volcano side. The breed was Jersey which originates from the Channel Islands. They are favoured in Costa Rica as being productive and able to cope with climate (warm rain as opposed to the English Channel version)

Posted by Pearce on 28 November 2011
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