Seriously green grass that helps farmers reduce CO2 emissions

Grass may seem like the simplest of things, after all we all grow it in our gardens at home and it covers many public spaces.

But while it may seem simple, it’s also the main feed source for the UK’s cows and sheep, making it a very important part of life for Asda’s farmers. In fact growing grass and saving it for winter feed is such an important part of farming that many farmers spend countless hours managing their grass fields and trying to make them better than before.

So, to help Asda’s farmers do just that we’re encouraging them to grow some pretty special types of grass known as High Sugar Grasses. These grasses, developed in the UK, help animals produce more milk and meat from the same amount of land and mean farmers have to buy less winter feed for their sheep and cattle.

But, one of the most important things about High Sugar Grasses is their impact on the environment. Incredibly they could help our farmers reduce CO2 emissions from their sheep and cattle by a staggering 186,000 tonnes, the same as taking 78,000 UK cars of the road. It is quite simply amazing and something we at Asda are really excited about doing.

So, next time you’re cutting the lawn just thing of our farmers out there in their fields with their grasses helping reduce greenhouse gasses, here’s to British farmers and their committment to the future.

Posted by Pearce on 24 October 2011
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