The Asda Dairy Bus is a converted double decker bus used to explain dairy farming and dairy products to a wide audience.

Dairy Bus

We had hoped that this year it would host 25,000 people of whom 20,000 will be school pupils. Remarkably, the success to date means that over 70,000 children will have come aboard in the two and half years of dairy bus operation.

Equally important to having a full visit, is increasing children’s knowledge in an informative, interactive, fun and memorable way.

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Posted by Pearce on 30 June 2011

One of the privileges of working in farming is the opportunity to go and look over the fence. In this instance the fence is over the pond and I have been linking up with Walmart colleagues from around the world to examine differing farming practices. We looked round a blueberry farm and some of the work being undertaken by the University of Arkansas.

One reflection is that we in the UK tend to have a view about regulation in that we’re the most affected. I have to say that this was challenged by one of the farms we visited. This had an extensive programme to deal with phosphate run off into the local water courses. Nitrate in fresh water is being legislated with farmers investing to comply with the regulations.

Poultry farms in Arkansas have to store their manures in roofed areas as part of the nitrates management. However, the challenge of phosphate in fresh water hasn’t received as much attention in the UK but it was obvious that farming in the US was already having to amend practices as a consequence.

Posted by Pearce on 30 June 2011

As I’ve mentioned here before we at Asda are delighted to be a major partner to Open Farm Sunday and it’s been great to hear of the many excellent events hosted by Asda farmers last weekend.

Open Farm Sunday

One of these was one of our major vegetable suppliers Stewarts of Tayside, with more than 500 visitors enjoying a visit to Tofthill Farm, Glencarse, on Sunday June 12.

Farm visitors had the opportunity to go through a programme of activities designed to follow the crop production cycle from seed to store.

One of the big hits as always at these events was the tractor and trailer tour of the farm, with the adults taking in a moving commentary whilst the younger participants were just absorbed with the occasion.

Helping our customers understand the care and attention that goes into producing great food for Asda is just one of the benefits of Open Farm Sunday.

And while Open Farm Sunday may have been and gone that doesn’t mean to say the learning should stop. If you want to know more about how Asda farmers produce great food for you why not visit our stand at one of the many agricultural shows we’ll be attending this year.

Posted by Pearce on 14 June 2011

Fancy a day on a farm getting up close to cows, sheep, pigs and tractors? Then Open Farm Sunday on 12 June is the day for you, because that’s the day when Britain’s farmers will be opening their gates and welcoming you to their farms.

Open Farm Sunday, is an event run by an organisation called Linking Farming and the Environment (LEAF) which helps farmers open their farms to the public for one day in the year. This year once again Asda will be principal sponsors of the event.

Britain’s farmers are some of the best in the world, they produce great food, look after the countryside and work all hours to tend the livestock and crops. On the day you’ll have the chance to visit British farms to find out just how they do all this and more to make sure there’s food on our shelves and your plates every day of every week.

I passionately believe in this event and encourage you to visit a local farm near you to understand how your food is produced. Take your family along and enjoy a day in the countryside learning about food and farming, there’s no better way to spend a Sunday.

To find a farm near you that will be opening on Open Farm Sunday see

Posted by Pearce on 18 February 2011

At Asda we like working with the best farmers we can to produce great food for you to enjoy all year round. And, as part of this great link with farmers we regularly recognise the excellent work they do with our own awards. After all everyone loves being a winner.

The latest award we’ve given out is our annual Asda DairyLink Farmer of the Year title and this year we gave it to Derbyshire dairy farmer Adam Ball. Adam is simply one of the best in the business and is committed to producing great milk and caring for the British countryside at the same time. He’s a dedicated guy and in the last few years has doubled the size of his farm so he can produce even more top quality milk and provide a future in farming for his family.

This sort of commitment is exactly what made us pick him as our winner this year. He’s installed some excellent new cow sheds to make sure his cows live in comfort and are as happy as he his. So from everyone at Asda it’s a big well done to Adam.

Posted by Pearce on 15 February 2011