Supporting our Asda PorkLink farmers with new rewards

At Asda we’re passionate about getting you the best food we can to cook great meals for your family. And nowhere is this more important than when it comes to getting you top quality British meat.PorkLinkBut this last year has been tough for British pig farmers who’ve had to deal with some big increases in feed costs for their pigs.

Back at the beginning of the year we began paying pig producers supplying Asda a bonus to cover some of these increased costs. We’re delighted that this extra payment has helped our suppliers stay in business and that it’s kept top quality British pork on our shelves for you to buy.

Now, we’ve made another big commitment to our pig farmers by announcing a further new payment, with a 4p/kg Asda PorkLink bonus being paid for pigs which meet our top criteria.

This new payment will reward those Asda farmers who are supplying us with the very best pigs they can. We firmly believe in rewarding our farmers for producing high quality, welfare friendly pork as it is key to making sure you get the best meat you can.

So, when you next step into an Asda store why not buy some of our great pork and help us keep British pig farmers farming, they’re excellent at what they do and deserve to be rewarded for it.

Posted by Pearce on 05 July 2011
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