Meet Pearce Hughes, Asda's Agricultural Development Manager

Hello, I’m Pearce Hughes, Asda’s Agricultural Development Manager. I have worked for Asda since June 2007. Before then I worked for Asda’s lamb supplier Welsh Country Foods where I was a lamb buyer and the company’s Asda LambLink Co-ordinator.

As well as working for Asda, I’m also heavily involved in the running of our family beef and sheep farm in North Wales. Farming is my passion and being involved in the running of our family farming business allows me to fully empathise with the problems facing the Asda farming supply base, inspiring me to make changes that will benefit all links in Asda’s many agricultural supply chains.

In a nutshell, my job is to improve the quality and consistency of the agricultural products that end up on Asda shelves whilst improving animal welfare standards and minimising the environmental impact along the way.

Posted by Pearce on 23 September 2009
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