Locally produced fruit and veg now clearly labelled on pack

Mrs Michelle Clinton recently got in contact with us asking what we are doing at Asda to clearly communicate which of our fruit and veg is produced in Britain and also which of it is in season. We have developed the following provenance label shown below which now features on all of our British fruit and veg packaging:

I take on board your point that the label is quite small on some packaging so I have had a chat with Helen in the produce team who oversees the labelling and she is going to see what can be done to make the British label more prominent on pack.

With regards to promoting “season’s best” produce such as apples and plums at this time of the year, obviously if it has the British label it will almost certainly be “in season” with the exception of perhaps potatoes which can be stored through the winter. However, we now put regular articles in the Asda magazine highlighting what’s in season at present such as the two-page article which recently featured in the September edition of the magazine below.

Thank you for your feedback, as always we will endeavour to improve our labelling to promote locally produced British produce.

Posted by Pearce on 15 October 2009
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