Asda is committed to supporting Young British Farmers

Farming’s had a rough time of it over the last decade or so and few young people have wanted to become farmers. And that’s something that worries us at Asda greatly, after all without farmers there would be very little food on our shelves.

And, as part of Asda’s commitment to promoting the future of farming we’re keen to work with the best farmers of all ages across the UK. That’s why every year we sponsor a number of agricultural shows and events.

One of those we support is the English Winter Fair, and particularly the Young Handlers classes at the show. These classes are all about encouraging young stock people to display their talents and ability in handling cattle and presenting to be judged at a show.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. These competitions give youngsters a chance to learn a huge range of skills from feeding cattle to handling them and everything in between. They learn the things they’ll need to know if they are to be the type of farmer we want to work with in the future to keep British beef on your plate.

The champion young handler at this year’s event was Welsh youngster Elfyn Jones from Anglesey and I was honoured to present him with his award a few weeks ago.

We’re proud to support the future of farming and by doing so it means you can rest assured that when you want British beef for your Sunday roast or any other meal it will be on the shelves of Asda waiting for you.

Posted by Pearce on 02 December 2010
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