Asda is totally committed to selling British sourced beef

The National Beef Association (NBA) recently claimed that Asda is selling substantially more Irish beef than usual and that only 45% of the beef sold by Asda is British sourced. However, these figures quoted by the NBA are wildly inaccurate and totally understate Asda’s commitment to British beef.

British beef label

Year on year our sales of British and Irish beef are identical and we urge the NBA to speak direct to us before making such claims. Counting the number of packs on shelves in a handful of stores is both inaccurate and misleading.

Asda have attracted in excess of 1 million new shoppers in the past 18 months, on the back of this our aim is to increase our sales of British beef going forward not reduce it.

Asda’s Commitment to British beef:

  • Asda BeefLink scheme launched in October 2007 in recognition of the industry’s need for support.
  • Annual face to face conferences with producers to share challenges and opportunities.
  • Implementation of the Heavy Weight cattle scheme
  • Introduction of the Asda ‘Extra Special’ bonus.
  • First supermarket to increase age british cattle accepted into our standard range from 30 months to 36 months.
  • Launch of 180 Dairy Bull Scheme – potentially worth £2m a year to the British beef industry.
Posted by Pearce on 21 October 2009
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