Asda proud to sponsor British local food farmer of the year

As champions of local produce and small scale producers Asda was delighted this year to once again be the sponsor of the Local Food Farmer category in the Farmers Weekly Awards.

This year’s winner, Kevin Stokes, embodies all that is great about the small scale producers which are such a success in our rural communities.

Kevin’s commitment to ensuring his customers have the best possible produce to pick from extends so far that many of the cropping decisions on the farm are made as the result of feedback from customers.

On top of this Kevin also undertakes regular visits to local schools to talk about his farm and help educate the next generation of consumers about how their food is produced.

Kevin is an excellent ambassador for local food producers everywhere and Asda are delighted to have sponsored the award which has recognised his all-round excellence.

Posted by Pearce on 09 October 2012
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