Asda pay pig farmers extra to help cover rising feed costs

Everyone recognises that food costs have gone up in recent years and that’s as true for our farmers’ animals as it is for our customers. Indeed for our pig farmers the cost of producing pork has risen a lot recently and they were finding it tough. A rise in feed costs means it is costing them more and more to produce the high quality pigs that we need.With a dedicated group of farmers producing pigs for Asda through our PorkLink scheme, we recognise the need for a sustainable industry and want to help our farmers stay in business. So, for that reason we’re paying them a special payment to help with feed costs.

For every 1kg of pork they produce we’re paying them an extra 8p to help cover the feed costs. And, with pork being a staple food of the British diet, we reckon it’s a price worth paying to make sure you can still buy the best British food at Asda.

Posted by Pearce on 10 February 2011
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