Asda farmers feature on Radio 4's Farming Today programme

We’ve had a busy week on Radio 4, with two of our farmers being interviewed in the space of two days.

On Wednesday, Geoff Spence one of our Asda DairyLink farmers from Northallerton was interviewed by Sarah Falkingham from Radio 4’s Farming Today show. Geoff introduced Sarah to his first ASDA Wagyu cross Holstein heifer calf and explained how the Wagyu project we have set up operates.

Wagyu, (pronounced Wa-goo) is recognised as being the finest beef in the world due to its high levels of marbling. It currently retails at around £150 per kilo in the UK and a burger can cost up to £50! By crossing Wagyu over Asda DairyLink cows, it means we can give our dairy farmers a guaranteed price for their calves, our beef farmers a guaranteed price for rearing them and our customers a guaranteed exceptional eating experience but at a fraction of the current price.

Then on Thursday this week, Guy Poskitt – one of our major carrot growers based in Yorkshire – also appeared on Farming Today. Guy explained how carrots are graded and how he is working hand in hand with Asda to minimise waste, dispelling the myth that we dictate to our growers about what they can and can’t do.

Guy pointed out that ultimately it’s our customers who decide what ends up on our Asda shelves, not us. As Guy points out in his interview; he’s the specialist carrot grower and we’re the retailers. He doesn’t tell us how we should do our job and neither should we tell him.

We work closely together to better meet the needs of our customers and minimise waste. By working in this way, it improves efficiencies across the whole supply chain, enabling us to sustainably supply our customers with a great range of products at great prices.

Posted by Pearce on 30 October 2009
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