Our dairy farmers receive around £21K a year in milk bonuses

As many of you will be well aware the weather this year hasn’t been great, first we had the cold winter which lingered on into spring, then it was very hot and dry and now it’s been very wet for several weeks.

This combination of weather has made things hard for many of our farmers, and particularly our dairy farmers many of whom haven’t been able to make as much winter feed as they usually would for their cattle. Added to this a drought in Russia and eastern Europe has meant that the price of grain has rocketed too.

All of this means it is likely to be an expensive winter for our dairy farmers as they will have to buy more expensive feed for their cows. Because of that, this week we’ve increased the price we’re paying to dairy farmers who supply Asda through milk processor Arla.

In fact we’ve added another 0.5p a litre to the premium we pay these farmers, taking the Asda milk premium to 1.75p a litre above the Arla standard litre price. Although 1.75p a litre might not sound a lot, it actually equates to an additional £21,000 per year for the average 1.2 million litre milk producing Asda DairyLink farmer. This means that dairy farmers supplying Asda will be better able to afford winter feed for their cows and they’ll still be around to supply fresh milk for you in years to come.

Posted by Pearce on 06 October 2010
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