Asda Dairy Bus proves to be a moo'nster hit with children

The Asda Dairy Bus is a converted double decker bus used to explain dairy farming and dairy products to a wide audience.

Dairy Bus

We had hoped that this year it would host 25,000 people of whom 20,000 will be school pupils. Remarkably, the success to date means that over 70,000 children will have come aboard in the two and half years of dairy bus operation.

Equally important to having a full visit, is increasing children’s knowledge in an informative, interactive, fun and memorable way.

Pupil evaluations show that following a Dairy Bus visit the number of pupils that knew:

  • that a cow has four stomachs rose from 41% to 94% – an increase of 53%
  • that a cow must give birth before producing milk rose from 28% to 86% – an increase of 58%
  • that bacteria are added to milk to produce yoghurt rose by 32%
  • that rennet is added to milk to produce cheese rose by 51%

So look out for the dairy bus at shows and schools near you.

Posted by Pearce on 30 June 2011
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