Asda cows get the royal treatment from their robot 'Butler'

A group of Asda dairy cows are enjoying the services of their very own butler – which might make them the most pampered farm animals in Britain.

The royal treatment comes courtesy of a robot servant – aptly named the ‘Butler’ – employed by Asda DairyLink farmer John Jamieson to feed the 250 cows on his farm in Annan, Scotland.

We believe John is the first farmer in the UK to feed his cows with the help of a robot, which has been nicknamed ‘Hudson’ after the character portrayed by Gordon Jackson in the 1970s drama Upstairs, Downstairs.

According to John: “The cows love it.” There is always a fresh supply of feed which means that they don’t have to compete to get to it first. “The cows have become more relaxed and even produce more milk – a sure sign that they are in top condition.”

John believes that making the feed look attractive is important. “Just like us, cows like their food to look appetising. The ‘Butler’ does a great job of presenting the feed really well and the cows eat better and stay healthier as a result,” he says.

A typical meal for John’s cows consists of a main course of silage – preserved grass – mixed with the all-important garnish, a sprinkle of nutrient rich ‘cow cake’.

Photograph courtesy of George Carrick

Posted by Pearce on 05 October 2010
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