Asda Cow Cam is launched - broadcasting live to the world

Today we launched Asda Cow Cam. “What is Cow Cam?” I hear you ask. Well basically we’ve placed a webcam on a robotic milking machine at one of our Asda DairyLink farms, Barony Agricultural College near Lockerbie.


The camera will allow Asda customers to see cows being milked throughout the day. The resulting milk is destined for Scottish Asda stores.

Robotic milking machines are quite a new concept in the UK. However they are used quite extensively in countries such as Germany and Holland.

Although quite expensive to install (around £100K), the machines have many benefits for both farmers and their cows. For farmers there is the obvious labour-saving aspect but because the cows decide when they want to be milked (not the other way around) they seem to be much more content and as a result are more productive.

If any problems arise while the farmer is not around, the robotic milking machine sends a text to the farmer – that’s high tech milking!!

Posted by Pearce on 01 October 2009
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