Asda 100% behind the red tractor logo

Here at Asda we know you, our customers, want top quality British food. It’s what all our customer research tells us and of course we’re committed to giving you what you want at great value.

We also know that you want food produced to the highest possible standards, with animal welfare a priority for many of you.

That’s why we’ve always supported farm assurance schemes which ensure our farmers are operating to the very highest standards in everything they do. And in recognition of this we’re proud to carry the Little Red Tractor assurance logo on all our farm assured British produce.

The Little Red Tractor is a nationally recognised symbol of excellence in farming and we use it wherever we can to show you how good the food you buy is.

It’s really a no-brainer for us, you want the best British food and we want to help you find it as easily as possible. That’s why we put the Little Red Tractor on it and why we support farm assurance as the best way of guaranteeing the quality and provenance of the food you buy.

Posted by Pearce on 19 October 2012
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