The Grocer’s independent analysis shows green is most affordable at Asda

The Grocer has just released its green edition. This contains a series of articles on what retailers and brands are doing to become greener as well as rankings made by an independent consultancy.

We were ranked the 3rd greenest supermarket behind M&S and Sainsbury’s and ahead of Tesco, The Co-Op and Morrisons. If you factor in the big brands we also came ahead of the likes of Unilever, Coke, PepsiCo and Kraft amongst others. I’m happy with this result because I also know it doesn’t take into account new goals we will be announcing later this year in two key areas of our sustainability strategy. Really well done to all my colleagues that their work has got us to this achievement.

The articles went on to confirm that customers’ are demanding affordable greener products, in line with what our own report Green is Normal told us over a year ago. It goes on to praise our common sense approach to hitting our targets.

They also carried out a green shopping basket. To do this they bought the greenest available option for 33 common products from organic milk to sunflower seeds and free range chicken. We came in at £63.42 which was 40p cheaper than the nearest competitor and £3.24 cheaper than the most expensive.

I’m often asked why I do this job and the simple answer is that it makes me mad when I hear others claim that living green should be the preserve of the rich who can afford to pay unacceptable premiums that many charge for products that are more sustainable. This is clearly nonsense which is why for us our aim has always been to make living sustainably affordable and accessible for everyone.

It’s certainly put a big smile on my face to read that The Grocer has found we are achieving this aim. And in spades! Watch this space for more news…

Posted by Julian on 02 October 2012
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