Suzie does it again with a new innovative packaging format

Building on her previous successes, our Senior Packaging Development Manager, Suzie Hardy, has done it again. Coming to our shelves is a new Chosen by You salad dressing in an innovative packaging format. These are now bottled in a PET bottle instead of the glass bottle it replaces.

CBY packaging

This saves 90% of the weight which we think will save 200 tonnes of packaging each year. If you add on top of this the fact that a lighter bottle uses less fuel to transport and is more break resistant then this is a real win win.

I was in a Customer Listening Group at our Old Kent Road Store in London last night and again packaging was raised as an issue close to our customers’ hearts so well done to Suzie for this step on. Read what Packaging News had to say here.

Posted by Julian on 18 May 2012
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