Sustainability should be about sharing best practice!

Some of the advances that we have made through our sustainability strategy we can’t immediately share with our competitors but we are always looking to share as much as we can. Refrigeration is a great example of collaboration where by sharing our leadership we can help our competitors to follow our lead and reduce their environmental impact.

As you know we have the lowest refrigeration gas leak rate of any supermarket in the country so we’ve been looking to share this best practice as widely as we can to maximise the benefits for the country as a whole.

The main driving force behind our progress is our Refrigeration Engineer, Brian Churchyard, and he recently chaired a Carbon Trust panel which has now produced a free best practice code of conduct that is available to any company free of charge.

Brian’s focus was to help deliver a consistent approach to design, installation, servicing and maintenance under his approach of the three Cs – Containment; Collaboration and Continuing. This holistic approach ensures the best results.

Whilst this does deliver massive savings in environmental impact here and now it also ensures refrigeration units are cheaper to run so we can invest the savings into keeping our prices the lowest in the country.

Posted by Julian on 02 August 2011
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